Gospel Sunday in Ordinary Time Week XV. Cycle B. July 15, 2012† From the Gospel according to Mark (6, 7-13)

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Gospel  Sunday in Ordinary Time Week XV. Cycle B. July 15, 2012† From the Gospel according to Mark (6, 7-13)

Glory to you, Lord.

“The was sending”At that time, Jesus called the Twelve and was sending out two by two and gave them authority over unclean spirits. Charged them to take a stick and the way around, but no bread, no bag, no money loose in the strip, which would lead sandals, but not a spare tunic. He added: “Stay in the house you enter, until you depart from that place. And if a place will not welcome you or listen, to go away shake the dust of the feet, to prove his guilt.” They came to preach conversion, threw many demons, anointed with oil many that were sick and healed.

Word of the Lord.

Glory to you, Lord Jesus.



 Today, Sunday XV (B) in Ordinary Time, we read in the Gospel that Jesus sends the Twelve, two by two, to preach. So far they have accompanied the Master on the roads of Galilee, but now it’s time to start spreading the Gospel, the good news: the news that our Father God loves us with an infinite love that has brought us to life for make us happy for all eternity. This news is for everyone. No one has to be excluded from liberating teaching of Jesus. No one is excluded from the love of God. It is necessary to reach every corner of the world. We must proclaim the joy of full salvation and universal, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man for us, died and rose and actively present in the Church. Equipped with “power over unclean spirits” (Mark 6.7) and with a background almost nonexistent – “He ordered them to take nothing for their journey except a staff; no bread, no bag, no money in their belts, but ‘Shoes and sandals vistáis two coats’ “(Mk 6.8) – start the mission of the Church. The effectiveness of his preaching evangelical influences not come from human or material, but the power of God and sincerity, faith and witness of life of the preacher. “All the momentum, energy and the delivery of the missionaries from the source that is the love of God poured into our hearts through the Holy Ghost” (John Paul II).Having started the century, the good news has not yet reached everywhere, nor with the intensity that was necessary. It is to preach conversion, you have to defeat many evil spirits.Those who have received the good news, do you know how to value? Are we aware of it? Are we grateful? Let us be sent, missionaries, urged to lead by example and, if necessary, with the word for the Good News not miss those God has placed in our path.

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