Saints of July 17: San Alejo

Posted on 16 julio, 2012


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Saints of July 17: San Alejo
Century V

He was the son of a wealthy Roman senator. He was born and spent his youth in Rome. His parents taught him the word and example that aid is distributed to the poor become treasures for heaven and serve to remove sins. So very young Alexius distributed among the needy got much money, and many other kinds of aid, and this brought many blessings from God.

But coming at twenty realized that life in a very rich family and a very worldly society brought many dangers to their soul, and fled the house, dressed as a beggar and went to Syria.

In Syria he spent 17 years dedicated to the worship and penance, and begged for him and the other much needed. It was so holy that people called him “the man of God.” What he wanted was to preach the virtue of poverty and the virtue of humility. But suddenly a very spiritual person told the people so poor that the beggar, the son of a rich family, and fearing him the honors he fled to Syria and returned to Rome.

He arrived at his parents’ house in Rome to seek a trade, and they did not realize that this beggar was his own son. Was dedicated to the most humiliating, and remained so for another 17 years sleeping under a ladder, holding on and working and did penance, and offered his humiliations for sinners.

It happened finally got sick and muribundo and sent for his humble shack, under the stairs, their parents and told them that he was her son, who had chosen that tremendous penance lifestyle. The two old men crying and hugged him helped him to die well.

After his death miracles began to get a lot for those who were entrusted to him. In Rome he built a temple and in the Eastern Church, especially in Syria, he had great devotion.

The teaching of the life of St. Alexius is that to get the needed humility humiliation. Pride is a sin very own spiritual souls, and they are away accepting that put us down. Even more people dedicated to good works have to fight against pride because if left to grow them ruin your holiness. Pride hides still among the best things we do, and if we are not sterilized alert our apostolate. A great saint once rebuked a disciple to be very proud, and he told her: “Father, I’m not proud.” The saint replied, “That’s your greatest danger, that you are proud, and you realize that you’re proud.”

The life of St. Alexius is for us an invitation to try to pass through this land without seeking honors and praises vain, and then shall every one that which Christ promised: “He who humbles himself will be exalted.”
Jesus said: “The last shall be first. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 5)


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