Monitions XVI Sunday in Ordinary TimeJuly 22, 2012

Posted on 19 julio, 2012


Monitions XVI Sunday in Ordinary  July  22, 2012

INPUT Admonition

Receive the Eucharist begin this fraternal embrace our warmest welcome. It is precisely in this time of summer, still affected by the bustle of work, when Jesus asks us be still which we stand, accompany him to a lonely place and rest a while. But it also calls on those in the other hemisphere attend to the cold of winter. Wants-all – savor the serenity, peace, joy in the meeting alone with Him Want manifest their concern for our fatigue, our hustle, our impatience. Want to share with each of us their sympathy, humanity, tenderness, sensitivity, delicacy. Can we make a stop on the way to respond to the invitation of Jesus? We are in summer or winter to learn to listen to the Lord and go with him to the green pastures of His love and His Word. With the joy of a song we stand to receive the celebrant and his companions.

Admonition ON READINGA. –

1.- The first reading of Chapter 23 of the book of Jeremiah tells us that God is the Great Shepherd of the sheep and take care of them even help other pastors. The Lord says: “I will gather the remnant of my flock and give you shepherds.” The importance of livestock in ancient times was enormous. Hence the examples to the flock and the shepherd always recur throughout Scripture, including the Gospel. Listen.

2. – Not pretend to be with Jesus if hatred breeds in your heart, says St. Paul in the second reading, coming from the second chapter of Ephesians. Now is the time to ask the Lord for his grace to help us out of our hearts that hate that we can not control, to nestle within each of us that peace he craves. Listen carefully.

3. – The Gospel of Mark, very brief and concise, we mark with accuracy what happened. Jesus wants his disciples to go aside quiet and peaceful, to rest from daily work. He does not object to have vacation, quite the contrary. He wants them in the proximity of nature, we get to talk to God the Father in all things. Let us use our vacation to find God. But it may be that we had no vacation. We must also seek the stillness, silence, closeness to nature to find God also. We stand to hear the proclamation of the Gospel.

The Prayer of the Faithful XVI Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 22, 2012


As we celebrate the Eucharist one more day we join with the needs of all men on earth, and with confidence we place in the hands of the Father.

Lord, we hope in you


1. – For the Pope, bishops, priests, to announce his life the love God has for all men.


2,. For the needy, sick, lonely, unemployed, that the Lord will take pity on them and heal, enlighten, strengthen them, and put in your way generous people able to help.


3. – For all the nations of the earth, especially now that they’re having worse: that the Lord will help them to live in justice and charity.


4. – For young people who are enjoying the holidays, to have the courage to live their faith fully and bring their environments to the testimony of a life marked by real values.


5.-For all the volunteers who work in environments of mission work camps, NGOs., Monitors, to carry out their task with dedication, love and joy.


6. – For families especially those who are going through a bad time to live in peace, progress in love and are able to forgive those limitations that arise when least expected.


7. – For all intents received in the Work For Christ … More, More, More, for the Lord your spiritual and physical healing, according to his will


8. – For all of us present in the Eucharist, which we know always in close proximity to the altar lead us to green pastures and still waters.



Lord grant us grace to approach you, the only giver of life, that through your goodness we get what we asked humbly .Through Jesus Christ our Lord.