The Homily of Bethany: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. July 22, 2012.

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The Homily of Bethany: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 15, 2012

By Antonio Garcia-Moreno

A. – THE COURAGE OF A PROPHET. – Amos was a farmer. Back in the southern lands, cultivated the green figs of Judah, herding his flock, immersed in the solitude of those broad landscapes full of sacred history. And one day he came to his ears the loud voice of Yahweh, the voice of many waters was looking for someone to proclaim his message of righteous indignation. Israel, the adulteress in the north, they had forgotten God. And it was necessary to remind the requirements of this God in love. And Amos was chosen and sent. And that vocation and mission will be his letter of guarantee, as the firm that guarantees the authenticity of his words.
And is that the only true prophet is called of God, which has the mission to speak on their behalf. So in the Church, God’s people, can only be considered true prophet who called God through His apostles, their bishops. And it will be good prophet when transmitting the message entrusted to him. So much so that when tempted to pronounce own words, or words of others to which you were entrusted, will be betraying who sent him.

We are in need of true prophets, of men called by God, sent with the mission to proclaim the divine message. Men who will not be swayed from their own interests, which do not seek to be fashionable, attracting applause from the crowd. Not betray the men who sent him, the Bishop entrusted the delicate task of making resonate in the minds and hearts the word of God.

Amos has come to Bethel, carrying words of fire against those who do not fulfill the law of Yahweh, against all those who worship God reduced to a series of mere external practices, a comfortable living and personal smoothly without total and without self-denial. His word stings, raises concern and anxiety in the suburban ethos, where they want to live comfortably without struggle, without bowing to the discretion of the head does.

Also Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, felt in his flesh the harsh blow of the word of Amos. And angry protest and stir Go to your land, visionary. Eat your bread there and preach to your own. Leave us alone … Amaziah was comfortable, quiet easy life without struggle. So the demands of this field man rages in the name of God, bother you, you are unbearable. And he commanded silence.
As we did when the word of God has come fraught with requirements and waivers. We have rebelled, we have been justified, we have sought to sneak a thousand reasons to keep doing what we have been easier. And we protested against that in the name of God and sent by him, we have clearly spoken delivery of justice, truth, humility.

2. – POSTED OF CHRIST. – The Lord was preparing gradually to his apostles, men who, despite their limitations, were chosen for the mission to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. They were rough men, some even ignorant, clumsy, often to understand the things of God. However, they were generous, bold in following Jesus. They forgot their own shortcomings and trusted fully in the divine power.
To increase your confidence in God, were sent without money, so as almost. They did not think twice and marched through the roads of Palestine, visiting the villages and hamlets to announce that salvation had come with Jesus of Nazareth, the young rabbi who taught mutual understanding, the conquest of a better world through own resignation, delivery for love of God in the service of all men.
It was an adventure for young people, men and women who knew about clean and noble love for “nutters” to forget about themselves and worry of others. This is a work of universal redemption, a war where guns are gentle persuasion, fervent prayer, sacrifice hidden, personal holiness in a word.

Those fishermen and peasants began a march that will last for centuries, the progress of evangelical missionaries. It was the first mission and was a resounding success. Joyful and radiant again, because peace and joy had sprung up under the spell of his words. That was just the beginning, a proof that those who set off in the name of Christ, despite his personal limitations, effectively sow the seed of faith, love and hope.

By Pedro Juan Diaz

A. – After “failing” among his countrymen, Jesus decides to continue its activity. The first thing he does is selected a group, the Twelve to be with him and send them to preach. The recommendations for submission are clear: keep only a cane, and shoes, the rest is expendable. Nothing to make weight, which bar the way, we “leverage” and that suits us. Nothing to distract us from the mission. The success of this will not come for things to carry, but be chosen and sent by Jesus, with his authority over evil and suffering.

3. – Although we are in summer, we should remember several things about our Christian life and our following of Jesus. First, we have also been chosen by Jesus, who has noticed us, so particular. God has the ability to treat each one in particular, as we know, what goes through our heads and our hearts, and we can give. So call us, chooses us and charges us a task, a vocation. And we have a lifetime to discover it and implement it. So achieve happiness.

4. – Once discovered what the task, is the second part are sent by Jesus. We are not where we are by chance. Knowing that Jesus loves us where we are, to do that we’re doing, it serves to support and warranty. It is he who has sent us. It is not our thing, but yours. We will not have to do our project or our plans, but theirs. I want to know why there where I am and wants to do. That is why our life.
5. – We are chosen by God and are sent by him, as was Jesus. We are another Jesus in the midst of our world. We are called to proclaim the Good News with our way of life. Surely encounter difficulties, rejections. Maybe we’ll have to say things that do not fall right, denounce attitudes, injustices. We may pass as the prophet Amos, and we say, “go home to preach there and mind your business”. Amos was a shepherd, said, “The Lord took me out of the flock together and said, Go, prophesy to my people of Israel.” And that’s what he did. And that’s what we should do we.

6. – We have received a vocation and a shipment by the Lord and that is what strengthens us in the mission, the face of difficulties. We feel that Jesus is back, that we endorse, that will make our work fruitful. St. Paul in the second reading, said: “He chose us in the person of Christ … and for us … to be his children.” That is the great plan of God for the human family that we are the large family of sons and daughters of God, we act with us as brothers, not as strangers.

7. – As we approach the Eucharist every Sunday, shake the bonds of brotherhood. God our Father, through Jesus, our brother, the Bureau prepares us, for us to sit together, around, to hear the Word, which always charges us the Good News. Finally, upon completion, receive the shipment. The priest says, “go in peace.” But it is the same Jesus who sends us to the mission, to its mission, to realize his project of brotherhood among all people. Let us never forget, even in summer.

By James Martin OSA

A. – The prophet can not be silent. The prophet Amos, a shepherd and farmer from the kingdom of Judah, acted in the kingdom of Israel in the eighth century. C. Condemned social injustice, luxury, depravity and religious formalism of a cult empty first announced the exile of the Northern Kingdom. As a true prophet, which had to be talked about and at the right time, when spoken by the prophets and teachers and priests are silent living off their craft. So his words were unbearable. When the prophet Amos dare to prophesy in the national shrine of Bethel in the northern kingdom, his words are subversive. No wonder that comes your way the high priest Amaziah that as a good officer, you must look after the interests of the king of Israel. The priest denounce the preaching of the prophet Amos to Jeroboam II. But before the king to act, decide on your own cast of Bethel man of God. Amaziah believe that Amos is one of those professionals who spend their prophesying. It has nothing against that office, but tells the prophet to earn bread quietly in their own land. Amos replied strongly and says that he is not a prophet by trade, who belongs to no school of prophecy, and that to live is enough to grow figs and care for a herd of goats. If he preaches the word of God does not by human vocation or simple interest, but because God has commanded him to prophesy against Israel. Above the will of Amaziah and the pressure of power is the undisputed authority of God. As always, want to silence anyone who upset that tells the truth. But he can not keep silent, because he is sent by God. We need prophets today brave as Amos.

2. – The plan of God is the true “God particle”. The prologue to the Ephesians is a hymn while a real prayer, a theological contemplation of all God’s saving plan. And the introduction is clearly Trinity: the Father, Christ and the Spirit, are the great agents of salvation. The Father is the God of creation, the transcendent and inaccessible, but the God who has revealed himself as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father. He has chosen us from all eternity to be his children in his Son, to live a life of love. Christ, our brother, is the synthesis and compliance with the plan of God in Him, all of us and all creation are one, He is the center of everything, and we can not but turn in its orbit, and live a sure hope of the inheritance that is intended. No chance, not just the “Higgs boson” particle which explains the origin of the mass of other particles, to explain the origin of the world. God has a “plan”: God has created for us the world, open house for the children of God. We will not drift, walked toward one goal: all the men gathered around Christ forming a huge body, the humanity regenerated sitting around the family table, the final encounter of men with God and man together.

3. – Advertise with true life transformation. Sending in pairs presenting the gospel was a usual practice in Judaism. According to Jewish law court, the validity of a witness is required at least two adult males. The mission of the twelve not to teach but to proclaim the conversion. The term conversion expresses a radical change of mentality, a Copernican shift in the way of thinking, which, in turn, determine the actions of man. The mission of the twelve seeks to provoke a transformation. The scope of this transformation is shown in the power that Jesus gives them over unclean spirits. This mythological expression encompasses everything that destroys inhuman and hostile to man. The twelve must be themselves visible sign of the conversion claim. In the particular circumstances of its historical moment, the twelve baggage no longer need a cane, it was almost essential for protection, and sandals, without which he could not walk the stony soil of Palestine. The strength and credibility of the mission did not lie in the means employed, but the coherence of life that accompanies the message. Of little use today employ the most modern, if not accompany the message with the witness of life.



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