Meditation: Sunday the 16th week in Ordinary Time, Cycle B, July 22, 2012

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Meditation: Sunday the 16th week in Ordinary Time, Cycle B, July 22, 2012

God is the shepherd who guides us, Jesus commands us to give his life for us and asks us to be shepherds to others.

“At that time, the apostles went to meet Jesus and told him all they had done and taught. He said: – “Come ye yourselves to a lonely place and rest a little.” Because there were so many coming and going who could not find time to eat. They went by boat to a quiet and secluded. Many saw them leaving and recognized, then all villages by land ran to the spot and forward them. On landing, he saw a crowd and took pity on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach with calm “(Mark 6, 30-34).

1. “They came back to meet Jesus,” today’s Gospel begins with the return of the twelve, following the story of last Sunday’s dispatch: “apostle” is sent, only to return to the heat of the Master.

I see Jesus, a gesture of your heart that I really like you invite them to rest in solitude. Know what you’re looking for is fatigue and loneliness sometimes (in the bush, in the field, or at night). It is not good “stress”, even spiritual. “They had no time to eat.” All that work, also for the United, need a certain serenity, and mental and psychological balance. Another thing is that you always get like this failed attempt to retreat in today’s Gospel, because people continued to involve them with their presence.

Leo also a lot of work, Lord, “could not find time to eat.” I certainly would speak of the coming Kingdom of God, the center of the activity of Jesus (Mark 1:14-15). But today we see you surrounded by “a multitude” that “were like sheep without a shepherd” and they pour it on your heart full of love. You mean what Scripture says (1R 22.17): “I’m seeing Israel scattered upon the mountains, like sheep without a shepherd” image repeated in the Bible when it complains that pastors do not take care of their own, as the first reading today. Jesus and his envoys are already as pastors of the People of God.

The world today is still disoriented, “like sheep without a shepherd.” Lord, I ask you not to miss pastors in the Church, to be saints: for the Pope, our Bishop, for all priests, and all Christians, to make us ever more faithful, good shepherds too. Because Christ wants us to help people find the ways of truth, peace in the midst of lies, that we help Jesus the Good Shepherd gives them happiness.

Today we are invited to pray for the pastors of the Church. We are all sheep and shepherd, and a meditation St Josemaría said: “When we, my children, in the hunger for truth in the world, in the nobility of many hearts that have no light in my weakness and the yours, and that of many who have reason to be dazzled by the light of the Lord, when we feel the need to sow the Good News of Christ, so you can do that harvest of life, the harvest of flower-and we remember is something we’ve thought of that often-hungry Christ walking on the roads of Palestine (…).
Jesus spent the Sabbath with some crops, and his disciples being hungry, began to pluck heads of grain and feed grains (Mt 12, 1). They too, like us now consider the need to spread the Good News, as they walked through a cornfield in his hands rubbing those nipples eating curds and grains hungry.

Messis quidem fine. The harvest, the crowd of men who then had and those who come after, was great. Messis quidem fine autem operarii pauci (Mt 9, 37): The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (…). We must look to the Lord: Rogate ergo Dominum Messis ut mittat operators in Messem Suam (Mt 9, 38), Ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest. “

To reach the hearts of men, we also need our help. Certainly, asking that the Lord of the harvest means above all pray for that intention, to stir his heart, saying, “Do it, please. Wake up to the men. Kindle in them the enthusiasm and joy for the Gospel. Make them understand that this is a treasure greater than any other, and whoever discovers it must pass “(Benedict XVI).

2. Jeremiah prophesies about “the shepherds who mislead and scatter the sheep die for my sheep” and says the Lord: “I myself will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where the driven you, and bring back to their pasture, so that grow and multiply. ” And it talks about a pastor who will be king, son of David: “reign as king and deal wisely, do justice and right in the land. In his days Judah shall be saved, Israel dwell safely. And they call by this name: The-Lord is our Righteousness. “Are you, Jesus, my King, to bring justice and salvation. In the midst of many false shepherds who tell me to go back and forth, prophets of lies and I have “the garden”, only you, Jesus, tell me where I have eternal life through Jesus, you say what the Amaral song “Without you I am nothing … The days pass, the morning light, my soul, my body, my voice, are useless without you … For I am nothing” without God “I’m just a actor who forgot his screenplay, after all just words that say nothing “…” What would I not give to have your eyes. “

The Psalm speaks of God-Pastor who accompanies us on a tour that is life: “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack in green pastures he gives me repose; he leads me beside still waters and restores my soul.”

Not only leads to fantastic places, but also guides us in the dangers: “He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil, for You are with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. ”
With him I have no fear, as the child is released into the air and knows that her father picks her up from falling on the floor. Then comes the party: “You prepare a table before me in front of my enemies You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows.”

It is the Mass, where we prepare for what will be the sky, so we are filled with hope: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come.” A priest was very good tours and sang this psalm to climb mountains, when more was dying, her memory failed and I also asked him to recite the psalm, and he kept repeating stanza to stanza, as stressing that want to go to meet of Jesus, his “Master of excursion” and source of hope, the sky, reciting for the last time on earth this beloved psalm.
Jesus must recite this psalm with special fervor, as he passed through the valley of death on the cross, and love for the Father and you and I drank the cup of sorrow: “I shall not want … Father leads me … Although have to go through a valley of death I fear no evil … My cup overflows … Compassion and endless happiness … For You, Father, are with me … “.

Jesus, thank you for telling me: “I am the Good Shepherd”, for leaving the 99 sheep and go looking for me, the sheep that sometimes is lost or clueless … for inviting me to your table and serve me, “go into his house to dinner with him, I close to Him and He near me. ” In Confirmation, “pour the perfume on my head” … and in the Eucharist you give me your “table ready for me.” Jesus, throughout your life have made many miracles at the wedding at Cana, has turned water into wine jars of the good. In the multiplication of the loaves, has not missed the bread and the Last Supper, have made a much greater miracle: you said “This is My body, this cup is the new covenant in My Blood” and given us the heavenly bread the miracle of transubstantiation: looks like bread and wine but are no longer what they were, are something completely different: Your Body and Blood. more faith I pray today, Lord, to believe in this miracle of hope for your company in the way of life and love in the Eucharist. When you had to go, there you said goodbye with a photograph, a memory, a dedication … Since you are almighty, you get to do what you want, and so have you ever been to we are alone, until the end of time you are with us at Mass and in the tabernacle.

3. Says St. Paul to the Ephesians: “Now you are in Christ Jesus.” Before the people were divided as Babel, the city of many languages ​​and fought, but “now, by the blood of Christ, ye who once were close distance. He is our peace. ” There was a place where they could not pass the non-Jews in the temple, a wall, but there is no distinction: “He has made the two peoples one, knocking his flesh the dividing wall: hatred. He has abolished the law with its commandments and rules, making peace, to create the two in him, a single man again. ” Jesus came to knock down all the walls and partitions: one is that nobody, no one least of all, all people of any color are daughters of God, sisters, “Reconciled to God the two peoples, uniting in one body through the cross, killing, in him, hatred. Came and brought the news of peace: peace to you who were far off, peace to those on hand. Thus, each other, we can approach the Father in one Spirit. “

Help me, Virgin Mary, Mother, Divina Pastora, to live this unity with Jesus and with others, to deliver my stuff to Jesus the Good Shepherd well connected to Him in the Mass, all I do, a job well done, and that I am the good shepherd to others, with good behavior, can be organized to take advantage of the time, be good at home and with others. I want this week the batteries every day carry me a while to pray and to bring that love to others. I also learn to sacrifice and be a good shepherd to help many, to be Jesus Christ through the world, where Jesus I want to continue doing good (in sport, at home, with friends and at school, or now in the holidays …). Lord, I ask forgiveness for when I’m selfish. And more to help me serve you better on

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