Saints of July 22: St. Mary Magdalene

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Saints of July 22: St. Mary Magdalene

“Blessed are they that mourn
they shall be comforted. ”
(Mt 5.5)

Her name was Maria, meaning “favored by God,” and was from Magdala in Galilee, hence its nickname of Magdalena. Magdala, a town on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee or Lake Tiberias.

Jesus, in giving his Spirit to his apostles, he said that pardon sins as they had seen Him do: and liturgy reminds us today an example that will always be famous, of the Savior’s mercy with those who grieve for his past mistake.

Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, was public sinner, until one day touched by grace, came to surrender to the Lord’s feet. “Stay away from me because I am pure,” he would say arrogant, but the Lord, on the contrary, receives and forgives. So Jesus, “the gracious hosts offering their services,” forever and offers a place of honor in his royal court. Contrition transformed her love. “Because he loved much, many sins are forgiven.” Moved by his entreaties Jesus resurrected Lazarus, her brother, and when Jesus is crucified, assists, more dead than alive, wondering, as the wife of Solomon, where her husband have been divine, Christ calls her by name , and send him the disciples carry the news of his Resurrection.

In imitation of the great St. Mary Magdalene, we come in a spirit of love and contrition, offering to Jesus present in the Mass, the treasure of our praise. Let’s company, as the two sisters Martha and Mary adorn the altar, with the mighty spirit of faith that can stand the pharisaical scandal, with all the splendor befitting the house of God. Imitémosla especially in his pure love for Jesus, confident that in so doing, achieve full remission of our past sins, raising us from the depths of our misery to the summit of holiness. He who seeks God with groans, suddenly opens the door of his mercy and his rich treasures.

Four mentions in the Gospels:

1) The seven demons. The first thing the Gospel says about this woman, is that Jesus took out seven demons (Luke 8.2), which is a favor great, because a person possessed by seven evil spirits must have been strikingly unhappy. This great deliverance wrought by Jesus had to leave in Magdalena profound gratitude.
Our Lord said that when a person manages to throw away an evil spirit, this is going and get seven other spirits more wicked than himself and attack and his second state becomes worse than the first (Lk 11.24). That it could have happened to Madeleine. And you have experienced great peace when Christ walked away from his soul these pesky spirits.

To us this intervention Salvador comfort, because our soul also attack dañosísimos seven spirits: pride, greed, anger, gluttony, impurity or lust, envy, sloth and perhaps several more. Who can say that the spirit of pride will not attack you day by day? Is there someone who can boast of that evil spirit of impurity has not attacked and will attack fiercely? The same can be said of others.

But there is a comforting truth: And is that evil spirits when they saw or heard Jesus began to tembar and out run. Why not ask Christ frequently with their immense power of our soul away all evil spirits? The miracle he did for Mary Magdalene, can and will keep doing it every day for us all.

2) was dedicated to serve their property. Love is repaid with love. It’s what made the Magdalena. Since Jesus gave him a big favor to rid it of evil spirits, she is dedicated to bringing small but numerous favors. He joined the group of holy women who collaborated with Jesus and his disciples (Joanna, Susanna and others). St. Luke tells us that these women had been rescued by Jesus from evil spirits or disease and who were dedicated to serve with their property (Luke 8.3). Washing clothes, preparing food, perhaps cared for the children while the adults listened to the Lord helped catechize children, elderly and women, etc …

3) Next to the cross. The third time the Magdalene Gospel names is to say who was with the cross when Jesus died. The lack of male friends at the cross of the Redeemer was scandalous. Simply did not dare to appear there. It was not easy declared friend of a man condemned to death. The only one who was with him was John. But women were much more courageous in that tragic and fateful hour. And one of them was Magdalena.

Matthew (Mt 27.55), Mark (Mk 15, 40) and St. John (Jn 19, 25) state that at the cross of Jesus was the Magdalena. In religious images around the world, artists have painted Mary Magdalene with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, near the cross of the Redeemer in agony, as a detail of gratitude to Jesus.
4) the risen Jesus and the Magdalene. One of the most comforting of the Gospel is that the risen Jesus appears first two people who were sinful but had repented: Peter and Magdalena. To encourage all sinners, hoping that if we repent and achieve correct back to being good friends of Christ.

The four evangelists have as Mary Magdalene on Easter Sunday morning to visit the tomb of Jesus. San Juan tells it as follows:

“It was Mary Magdalene weeping outside the tomb and saw two angels where Jesus had been. They say: – Woman, why are you crying? – She answers: – They have taken away my Lord, and do not know where you have.
So saying, he turned and saw that Jesus was there, but did not know it was Jesus.
Jesus said to him – Woman why are you crying? Whom do you seek?
She thought he was in charge of that property said: – Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, I’ll take it.
Jesus said, ‘Mary!’

She recognizes him and says, ‘O Master!’ (And rushed to kiss the feet).
Jesus said: – Let me go, I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go where the brothers, saying, ‘I ascend to my Father and your Father, and your God my God.’
Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples: – I have seen the Lord, and he said this and this. “(John 27, 11).

This woman had the honor of being in charge of communicating the news of the resurrection of Jesus.


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