XVII commentaries Sunday in Ordinary Time. July 29, 2012

Posted on 26 julio, 2012


XVII commentaries Sunday in Ordinary Time. July 29, 2012

INPUT Admonition

Welcome to the Eucharist. The word that comes from today’s readings seems unreal. With your feet on the ground we see that escapes all logic. And is that the logic of God is different from ours. He asks us to offer to others what we have, that we make available to others is not even enough for us. Commands us to ship with an empty basket. Want us to test the flavor of bread shared, given away things. Actually today’s readings do not give us the recipe to avoid starvation, but teaches us to exercise faith. Because it is true that only God can do miracles, but to each of us must open our hands, to show the bread and make them available. We stand to receive the celebrant and his companions, with the joy of the hymn.

Admonition ON READING

1. – Our first reading is from the Second Book of Kings. And it presents a scene similar to that, then we present the gospel. The people by divine intervention “and to eat left over.” Listen.

2. – We are St. Paul in the passage we read today of the Letter to the Ephesians, a brief and thorough plan for our lives as Christians. And so exercise our vocation in humility, unity, love. Listen carefully.

3. – Say nothing before this Sunday is interrupted the reading of the Gospel of Mark to proclaim complete the sixth chapter of St. John over the following Sunday. And say, now, that there is overwhelming similarity between the first reading and the gospel. They have both a fact that is beyond what we live today. In a world full of computers able to do the calculations more unpredictable, you can not fit a schedule so absurd, “to feed the large crowd with a nearly empty basket does when someone approaches you to say, Lord here’s one that have a little faith. Standing to hear the proclamation of the Gospel.

Prayer of the Faithful XVII Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 29, 2012


Father, we see You who satisfies our shortcomings and needs and are close to those who call upon You. Today we come before your altar to present our hunger. We repeat:

Lord, all I expect from you


1. – For the Pope, for the Lord to address their prayers are being met and all the intentions that he presents.


2. – For the governments of nations in that its main concern is the welfare of its citizens.


3. – For all those who work to produce, prepare to distribute food they get to our table to see their work as a service to Christ in others.


4. – For the sick and their families to attend the Lord, his “hunger” and the sate of health they expect.


5. – For families without work, to keep them from ever missing the bread on the table.


6.-For the intentions received in the Work For Christ … More, More, More, for the Lord your spiritual and physical health.


7. – For us who aspire to become like Christ, that our generosity is seen multiplied by the action of God.


Father, these are our needs, we also present in all of us inside, so if you attend to our good the prompt.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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