Commentaries and Prayer of the Faithful: Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 19, 2012

Posted on 16 agosto, 2012


Commentaries and Prayer of the Faithful: Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 19, 2012

INPUT Admonition

We wish you our warmest welcome in the beginning of our Eucharist. Last Wednesday, we gathered here to celebrate the Virgin Mary in her Assumption into heaven. And today, this Sunday 20 of Ordinary Time, we must be open, especially, to the words of Jesus. Will tell us, Jesus of Nazareth, bluntly, that he is spiritual and physical support for our walk. The Eucharist is real Body and Blood and that we need to continue living. Again, Jesus stops near us to ask us to accompany him. He offers us a powerful means to not falter on the way: the Bureau of Bread and the Word. Let’s start with joy our Eucharistic celebration. We stand to receive the celebrant and his companions, singing.

READINGS ON commentaries

1. – Today, the Book of Proverbs, is the first reading – and offers us a banquet of knowledge and of bread, a foretaste of that after we give the Lord Jesus. And as in many other occasions the first reading is as proper prologue of the Gospel we will hear later. Listen

2. – We continue, as in previous Sundays, reading the Letter to the Ephesians. Today, in the short passage that reads, San Pablo importance of the Eucharistic banquet favors focusing the necessary moderation in the things of the body. And asks us to find out, really, what the Lord wants. Listen

3. – John’s Gospel continues the discourse on the Bread of Life. Jesus is to proclaim food forever to walk the path that leads to a happy life, to eternity in the glory of God the Father. Standing to hear the proclamation of the Gospel.

Prayer of the Faithful: Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 19, 2012

We ask the Lord for his great mercy grant us the grace to hear the petitions that we bring to your presence today.

Hear us we pray


1. – For the Church, the holy people of God, live in unity, justice, peace and love, welcoming all their needs.

Pray to the Lord

2. – For the Pope, bishops, priests, deacons and all who have responsibilities in the Church that they may see this as a task of service to all men and women worldwide.

Pray to the Lord

3. – For the Lord infuse strength to all who suffer in body or soul, and help them in their recovery.

Pray to the Lord

3. – To reach all people for peace and justice so as to be destroying so many inequalities.

Pray to the Lord

4. – We pray for all the abused, those who are lost, that all doors are closed, so that the Lord will comfort with closeness and love.

Pray to the Lord

5. – For Christ, the greatest witness of peace, grant to all families, peoples, nations, live in harmony, concord, understanding and give them the grace of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Pray to the Lord

6. – For the intentions received in the Work For Christ, More, More, More, for the Lord grant all the favors and thank you applied for, according to his Holy Will

Pray to the Lord

6. – For all who are here for the Lord to help us accept with love so many adverse situations as we come and give us grace to live in the acceptance and joy.

Pray to the Lord

We thank you, Father, for we know that You never desoyes requests that your children will have faith.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.